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TID Appreciation Week: Day 2 - Favourite Book out of the Series

↳  Clockwork Princess -  ”And now I need you to do for me what I cannot do for myself. For you to be my eyes when I do not have them. For you to be my hands when I cannot use my own. For you to be my heart when mine is done beating.

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The Darling Buds Interview


Day 4:  Favorite quotes

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my-chemical-taco said: Hi CC! First,I want to tell you how much I love your books. I started TMI this Fall and I’ve read the whole series now, including CoHF and TID. I love that you have LGBT characters. I’m a lesbian myself,and I relate to Aline a lot. I remember reading about her for the first…

Screw writing strong women. Write interesting women. Write well-rounded women. Write complicated women. Write a woman who kicks ass, write a woman who cowers in a corner. Write a woman who’s desperate for a husband. Write a woman who doesn’t need a man. Write women who cry, women who rant, women who are shy, women who don’t take no shit, women who need validation and women who don’t care what anybody thinks. THEY ARE ALL OKAY, and all those things could exist in THE SAME WOMAN. Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people. So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong. Write characters who are people.

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The Infernal Devices in The Mortal Instruments →


Reblogging cause I’ve got a bunch of these questions and I posted this almost a month ago, so — this time not under a cut. Beware COHF SPOILERS!

Hi Cassie :D I just wanted to say that I LOVED City of Heavenly Fire. It was awesomeness. But I just had some questions. Why didn’t Jem/Zachariah tell…

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There are a hundred trillion cells in the human body,” she said. “And every single one of the cells of my body loves you. We shed cells, and grow new ones, and my new cells love you more than the old ones, which is why I love you more every day than I did the day before. It’s science. And when I die and they burn my body and I become ashes that mix with the air, and part of the ground and the trees and the stars, everyone who breathes that air or sees the flowers that grow our of the ground or looks up at the stars will remember you and love you,                                                                                                                  Because I love you that much.”

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Shadowhunter names & a certain new Shadowhunter (?)


Hi! first off I love your books. I just have a question(s) for you, if someone ascends and becomes a shadow hunter, what last name do they have/take? If they are not a female with the intention of getting married like Sophie Collins what would they do?

When people ascend and become Shadowhunters, they pick from a list of existing names that have become defunct, because the families have died off, etc.* That’s the case no matter what — Sophie doesn’t take the name Lightwood. She gets a different name: 

“You are Nephilim now,” she said. “I name you Sophia Ashdown, of the blood of Jonathan Shadowhunter.”

and takes Lightwood when she marries Gideon, but she has to be a Shadowhunter first, to marry him. 

They can also submit a new name for approval.

and also what becomes

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